Welcome once more to my Halloween pics page. I only hope that you enjoy watching them as much as my husband and me enjoyed building and picking the decorations, and the kids of  the neighborhood playing there. Click on the thumbnails to see enlarged pics.


Some little details of the atmosphere. Sign at the entrance, mailbox, bat that was iluminated at night....


A lot of work here ! . This is a product of several brainstormings with Dave. We shared ideas and I built the tombstones. Some of them are for the kids of our neighborhood. They had a lot of fun with our display, never vandalizing but taking care of it and watching whenever estrangers were around. When they asked for personalized tombstones, I really had to build them.


Same as above. We thought: "why don't build a pets cemetery too ?". And there we went !


We worked together on the design and details, and Dave built it. We were fortunate to find those cute skeletons, Boris and Natasha.

Dave decided to build this spider web, and we feed the spiders with Barbie and Ken, hehehehe.


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