This is China, aka PeggySue, aka Linus, aka Chinita. China is the ruler of the cat house in her own way. She is 13 years old, and a really peaceful cat, but don't mess with her !. China was picked from the shelter, and after having several homes, she is with us now. Her name suits her well, because she looks like a China figure. She can be immobile, staring the wall, for half hour. Our opinion is that China is brainless, doh, a real natural blonde. I never will forget the day she was playing with a paper bag, and she was running around the house with the paper bag stuck on her head, hehehehe. She is a pet-maniac, and she collects things and people. If you scatter clothes around the bed, she picks all of them and sits on top of the pile. Also,if you are watching TV, she jumps on the couch, and rest her paw on your shoulder. Anyway, China manages to keep Beep under control, and she always gets what she wants, go out, food scraps. Lately China is suffering of feline Alzheimer's, although she is still in good shape.