Cats don't want to own people. They prefer to lease with an option...The Cat philosophy of Life: if you can't eat it or shred it, then sleep on it...To a cat, people are just furniture that does tricks...

Well, all people that know us, they know too that we are living in a "cat house", because we are cat people. We consider our kitties as members of the family, and they make our life more happy, though sometimes we would trade them for a hamster ! how is it possible to be so spoiled rotten........We have the pleasure to introduce you our kitties: Beep-beep, China, Salem, Cricket and Merry Hell. Cick on the bar for their pictures



Cat Lovers of Rome Unite in 'Cat Pride' March

ROME (Reuters) - A couple of thousand cat lovers turned out for Rome's first "Cat Pride" march on Saturday, February 22nd, to demand protection and funding for the city's thousands of strays.

Donning whiskers, bearing signs and in some cases cradling cats in their arms, protesters streamed by the Colisseum and ancient Fori Imperiali ruins, home to many "sacred strays" which Rome declared a part of its historical heritage last year.

The stray cats have been slinking through the ruins since they were first excavated and their protectors believe they are descendants of felines who stalked Roman temples in the time of Julius Caesar more than 2,000 years ago.

But cat rights groups say the city's 150,000 abandoned moggies get far from imperial treatment from residents.

Last year, a string of stray cat killings sparked fears of a feline serial killer and highlighted the city's love-hate relationship with domestic animals who are often abandoned on the streets.

On Saturday, the city's "gattare," or "cat ladies," marched to demand government aid for cat shelters and neutering programs and more help from the general public in protecting and feeding the animals.

"The cat ladies and men of Rome are finally coming out of the closet!" organizers declared in posters.

Cat info - Alphabetical Index A cool link; if you are worried about the health or behavior of your cat, here you will find a useful FAQ page

Soon to come, information about the local shelters in the Camden county, NJ. Please keep supporting your local shelters, they are full of pets that need a friend

Unfortunately, sometimes our pets get lost, here is an excellent service to help you to find that missing friend: Missing Pets Network


Now this is fun, do you want to learn how cats think ? do you have a cat that needs to be trained to be your owner? Click the picture below, and a laugh is guaranteed. If you like cats, even if you don't, you have to read this. Enjoy it !

Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run

This was my kitty Velvet. She appeared mysteriously in our lives, jumping in Dave's car when he was working in the field, and she vanished mysteriously too after spending three months with us. She was a peaceful and sweet cat. I still miss her, and I never will forget her. Kisses wherever you are now tiny-toon.


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