This is Beep-Beep, aka I-want-to-be-alone, aka B-pet, aka Her-Royal-Highness. Beep is a beautiful Russian Blue, 12 years old. Beep was found when she was a 1 month old kitten, running on the streets, starved almost to death, all fur and bones and fleas. It seems that her previous owner had thrown her through a window on the second floor, because the kitty was peeing on the floor. Of course they had not installed a litter box for her, doh !. She was named after the microvawe, because everytime she would hear the "beep-beep", she would come running. Beep has an attitude. No, Beep is THE attitude. She hates people, except for a few people. Nobody can pet her but us, and she sent people to the emergency room in the past (they wouldn't listen ). Beep thinks that she is Cleopatra, requiring always and demanding, and I-want-it-NOW. She is a really smart cat, and we think that her problem is that she thinks too much ( always plotting world domination...) For the rest, she can be a sweet girl when she wants, and when you are sick in bed, she picks food from the kitchen and takes it to bed. She is suffering now from arthritis, and we got her a special blanket. She loves the blanket so much that we think she named her !. We really love our baby blue.